Andria Venetian Eye Mask

Half Face Masquerade Ball Mask
Blue - Gold - White

Cortina Silver Masquerade Mask

Deluxe Handmade Venetian Mask
Black - Silver - White

Cortina Multicolour Eye Mask

Handmade Deluxe Venice Mask
Gold - Multicolour

Cremona Gold Venetian Eye Mask

Half Face Colombina Mask
Gold with Embellishment

Cremona Silver Venetian Mask

Colombina Half Face Eye Mask
Silver with Embellishment

Pierrot Masquerade Ball Mask

Black & White Venetian Mask
Black & White

Morte Venetian Gold Mask

Day of the Dead Tie On Mask
Black - White - Gold

Calabria White Venetian Mask

Gold Glitter Masquerade Mask
White & Gold. Glitter

Calabria Red Venetian Mask

Colombina Half Face Mask
Red & Gold. Glitter

Calabria White Venetian Mask

Silver Glitter Masquerade Mask
White & Silver. Glitter

Napoli Red Masquerade Mask

Deluxe Half Face Venetian Mask
Black & Red. Glitter

Roma Red & Blue Venetian Mask

Colombina Multicolour Mask
Red/Blue/Gold + Music

Our range of authentic male columbine masks are a year-round bestseller. They are ideal for glasses wearers since they are easy to have on top of your specs. You simply tie it on around your head and you can even tangle the ribbon around the hinges and temples for extra tightness.

These Venetian masks for men are exquisitely detailed, helping you achieve an extravagant look with no effort. Some are understated and plain while others have a decorative and rich design will make you stand out in the crowd. Put together with a suit or a mysterious cape you have a masquerade ball costume in just seconds.

Since they cover only half of your face, you’ll be able to drink and eat and chat without having to worry about it, just simply enjoy yourself at the party!

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